Together A Collaborative Approach to Relief, Development, and Advocacy

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Peter Greer


Against a backdrop of division in our world today, followers of Christ are invited to engage in relief, development, and advocacy efforts together. There is a new movement of organizations and leaders abandoning an individualistic approach for a collaborative one, and this kind of cross-sector teamwork is radically changing the landscape of international development. From Christ’s prayer for our unity to His exhortation for us to seek first the Kingdom of God, we are invited to participate in a mission greater than anything we could ever accomplish on our own.

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Peter Greer, HOPE International

Peter Greer serves as president and CEO of HOPE International. Prior to joining HOPE, Peter worked internationally as a microfinance advisor in Cambodia and Zimbabwe as well as the managing director of Urwego Community Bank in Rwanda. He is a graduate of Messiah College and received a master’s in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School. Peter has coauthored over 10 books, including Mission Drift (2014), Created to Flourish (2016), and Rooting for Rivals (2018). More important than his occupation is his role as husband to Laurel and dad to Keith, Liliana, and Myles. For more information, visit