For a Government that Works ASJ’s Theory of Change, with a Case Study of Their Efforts in Education

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Carlos Hernandez
Roland Hoksbergen
Katerina Parsons
Kurt Ver Beek


The Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa (ASJ) is a Christian, Honduran NGO that fights corruption and works to ensure that the Honduran government functions well for the benefit and well-being of all Hondurans, especially the marginalized and vulnerable.  The paper begins by explaining ASJ’s theory of change and how it applies pressure and provides support to the government in bringing about more just outcomes for the general population of Honduras.  The paper proceeds to a case study of ASJ’s work in public education and explains how, over the last decade, ASJ has been instrumental in bringing about transformational improvements in hiring practices, number of class days, and overall institutional integrity in the Ministry of Education.   

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Hernandez, C., Hoksbergen, R., Parsons, K., & Ver Beek, K. (2019). For a Government that Works. Christian Relief, Development, and Advocacy: The Journal of the Accord Network, 1(1), 15-30. Retrieved from
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Roland Hoksbergen, Calvin University

Professor Emeritus of Economics and International Development