Toward Laying the Foundation for Christ-Centered Monitoring & Evaluation

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Kristen Check
Rodney Green
Subodh Kumar


This paper challenges Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) or Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)[1] practitioners in Christ-centered organizations (CCOs) to critically reflect on their organizational framework for M&E/MEAL. Throughout this paper, the authors encourage M&E practitioners in CCOs to consider and reflect upon six proposed foundational layers the authors identify in an effort to make the case for a new kind of “Christ-centered M&E” in CCOs: 1) the M&E profession, 2) the kingdom of God, 3), the Christ-centered organization; 4) M&E within CCOs; 5) Christ-centered M&E and the wider M&E profession; and 6) a proposed framework for Christ-centered M&E.  A M&E/MEAL approach helps organizations improve operational decision-making and allows adjustments, course-corrections, and the ability to refine program implementation. A Christ-Centered M&E/MEAL approach includes the opportunity to listen to what God is doing to build his kingdom in the communities where CCOs work. When the M&E/MEAL team in a CCO seizes this opportunity to “listen,” they can come to better love God, self, neighbor, and creation in deeper and more meaningful ways. Through deepening this relationship, they can bring stakeholders along this journey with them, ultimately furthering the kingdom of God here on earth through Christ-centered M&E/MEAL. 


[1] M&E and MEAL will be used throughout the paper to represent the range of approaches and considerations for inclusion of monitoring, evaluation, learning, research, and accountability to stakeholders etc. that organizations use to measure their programs and respond accordingly.

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