Missional Theology as a Framework of Evaluation for Transformational Development

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Gregory Reader


Transformational Development (TD), sometimes referred to as integral mission or holistic mission, is an approach to Christian mission that strives for improved quality of life for the whole person and the whole community. Many Christian organizations engaged in international development refer to their work as TD. This paper argues that effectiveness in alleviating poverty is not, on its own, an indication of effectiveness in Christian mission. It suggests that themes from missional theology can be used to shape program design and evaluation in ways that bring greater clarity to TD as an engagement in Christian mission. Because meaning is conveyed in and through actions, TD organizations should assess what beliefs, aims, and values are conveyed through their practice. Evaluation of TD effectiveness in Christian mission should therefore take into account whether it influences people to consider the significance of what God has done and is doing in history to reconcile all things to himself.

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Reader, G. (2021). Missional Theology as a Framework of Evaluation for Transformational Development. Christian Relief, Development, and Advocacy: The Journal of the Accord Network, 2(2), 55-64. Retrieved from https://crdajournal.org/index.php/crda/article/view/467