Abundant Community Theology A Case Study in Decolonial Theological Research

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Clark Buys
Maria A. Andrade V.


In 2018, Tearfund embarked on an exploration of "Economic and Environmental Sustainability" (EES) theology, seeking to adopt unconventional research methods shaped by Latin American decolonial thought. The approach sought to amplify marginalised voices, embrace non-English perspectives, and acknowledge the significance of oral traditions. The journey unfolded through regional "missional listening," collective discernment, and intercultural synthesis. Challenges included the significant time and financial investment, holding space for diverse ideas, and transitioning from collating global perspectives to articulating Tearfund's perspectives on the subject matter. The resulting "Abundant Community Theology" offers an alternative anthropology rooted in interconnectedness, challenging the historical legacy of dominion theology. This report reflects on the importance and value of the consultative, collaborative journey and the nuanced role of language in fostering ongoing conversations for social and environmental justice.

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Buys, C. ., & Andrade V., M. A. (2023). Abundant Community Theology: A Case Study in Decolonial Theological Research. Christian Relief, Development, and Advocacy: The Journal of the Accord Network, 5(1), 45–55. Retrieved from https://crdajournal.org/index.php/crda/article/view/577